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Wisconsin statistics:

Total responses: 12686 (3.16% of all responses, 3.39% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 3410 (26.88% of all Wisconsin responses, 2.16% of all pop responses)
soda: 8751 (68.98% of all Wisconsin responses, 5.33% of all soda responses)
coke: 87 (0.69% of all Wisconsin responses, 0.15% of all coke responses)
other: 438 (3.45% of all Wisconsin responses, 2.07% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

69soda pop
5soda water
5Soda. I'm not a vegetarian, but I like sitting in the grass. I don't like them thongs, but I love tits and ass.
3pop. is this word used to describe soda because of the carbonation or the noise it makes when the can is opened? i asked someone in Indiana once why she called it "pop" and that was her answer. well thats just plain retarded. i dont call a cat "meow". i dont call a baby "waaa" please. as i look at my soda on my desk now.. it says plain as day on the can "A&W Cream Soda" . if the company that is producing the product has labeled it as soda, then my friends ... it is (TM) and ready to go as soda. just accept it you northern hicks and toothless southern rednecks, pop is what you call "yer daddy". soda is what you call your beverage.
2Soft Drink
2liquid crack
2This is the proper truth- POP is used when referring to the past/present tense, as in "I drank too much Pop/I am drinking Pop." SODA is used when referring to the future tense as in "Would you like a Soda/I will have a Soda/Grab me a Soda." and COKE is used when referring to any Cola based drink regardless of brand (ie. Pepsi, RC, Like, Shasta, etc.)
2liquid diabetes
2Thug Juice
2white soda
2Polar INC
2cold drink
2Anus Runoff
1soda me pop
1Jimmy Juice
1dew (mountain dew)
1Joey Joe
1Woops. Gave you wrong zip code last time. I gave you the zip code for where I live now. I grew up saying pop, moved to soda land, live in coke land now. I call it soda. Used to call it pop. Would never call it coke unless it's Coke.
1growing up i was taught that the proper name was soda-pop, but it was o.k. to use soda or pop, i'd say nowadays i 50-50 in usage
1i found proof that it is called soda the only reason i choose other is so i could right this if you want to see the proof look at the side of a diet right case it says artificially flavored SODA
1the guy before should have his vote thrown out for drinking diet right.
1If it is soda on my dinner bill at any and all big chain restaurants even in the Windy City then guess what it is, "SODA". It was soda in Cancun for spring break or was that Captain and Coke, hmmm, whatever same thing SODA and if you are ever in Milwaukee and say POP you will get popped!
1all the same
1Both soda and pop
1Grew up in Wisconsin, called it pop. Moved to Indiana, called it pop. Moved to Mississippi, called it pop, and people laughed. They call everything "Coke" down there, which is stupid. How can orange POP or Sprite be "Coke"? *sigh* Anyway... Moved back to Indiana, still called it pop. Moved to Michigan, and I'm proud to say it's still POP! Guess I'll just have to stay in the north, eh?
1May I see your wine list please?
1I grew up in Wisconsin and we always called the thing on the wall that you drink water out of a "bubbler". I moved to Indiana and later Chicago, people would think I had flipped if I said that word, now it's a "water fountain", anyway, I know this is off the subject but thought it is another interesting linguistics piece.
1Grew up in southern Wisconsin and called it pop. Went to college in northern Wisconsin and changed to soda
1Diet Pepsi
1nectar of the gods
1I am a fricking cheese head!!. Yeah uh-huh I really am!
1The Hebrew Hammer
1orange soda
1well, well, well. . . so it has come down to this. I would hope that in the long history of our species, we have progressed beyond such matters somewhere in the first hundred years or so in our evolution. This really is a step backwards.
1bubbly fizz drink
1Why would anyone call it pop it sounds stupid and uneducated! It is and always will be soda and even if this is a free country with free speech and all I will continue to wage the war against pop! If you say pop you are contributing to the continuing dumbing of our society because it is a stupid word for what is clearly soda! So for all you uneducated hicks from BFE get it right it's SODA! and allways will be. And as for coke, what the hell? Coke is a brand not soda. And as for all you damb Minnesotians that come into our state and try to call it pop go home we don't want you here!
1It's DAMN MINNESOTANS... and we can't leave - we're spies
1flavored carbonated beverage
1Trading Souses vs Meet Your New Mom There is no WAY I would be able to perform my wifely duties (you know what I mean) with some total stranger. Unless he was Johnny Depp or something, but I don't think that's gonna happen ! LMAOAROGTMEPOOMH! 0
1hi my number is 628-6432 call me ...........i drink soda
1Toxic Sludge
1Pop = A nonalcoholic, flavored, carbonated beverage, usually commercially prepared and sold in bottles or cans. Soda = A refreshment made from carbonated water, ice cream, and usually a flavoring. (Does anyone recall the old "Soda" fountains?) Oh yeah, the point of all this... "POP"
1I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life and have never once heard SODA referred to as Pop. Not even up north or west of Madison. If you look at someone that says Pop they normally have 3 teeth.....
1I grew up saying 'POP' and I have all my teeth. Hmmmm. Come to think of it, maybe I have all my teeth because I never drink 'SODA!'
1Liquid Phermeldahide
1sweet water
1whore juice
1used soda when living in Milwaukee but now live in Madison, WI and use pop
1Hiya "pop" Pop overules soda by far! Muhahaha
1Sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling.
1carbonated soft drinks
1Ross Hagens
1fizzy stuff
1titty juice
1anything but Pepsi
1soda if singular and pop plural (gonna get a soda or gonna get some pop)
1When you say soda you sound like a queer so say pop dumasses! Besides pop is historically correct. LOOK IT UP!!!!!!
1mountian dew
1Tarzan Slam
1Cavity Maker
1Jesus Juice
1Hi my name is Nick call me 508-277-5039
1dur pop
1From Madison and we have ALWAYS said POP!
1High Fructose Corn Syrup
1Both pop and soda
1sodapop (if drinking beer barleypop)
1I use both Pop and Soda.
1fizzy juice
1soda po
1Soda or pop, completely interchangeably
1Carbonated Cat Piss
1The streets in this city are narrow, but run deep. My hand passes over the coarse texture of a brick wall. I thought I would have been gone by now. Far, far away. I'm 21 and still here. There's a rusty down arrow attached to a telephone pole about 100 feet ahead of me. As I near the sign, I notice a hole in the sidewalk directly below the arrow. I glance from the arrow to the hole. For a moment, I wonder what would happen if I just let go everything and did something interesting with my life. There's no ladder going down into the hole, so I drop my legs into it and brace my upper body against the edge. Slowly, carefully, I let myself fall. My body hits something soft, furry...a carpet. I sigh. The only light is a small shaft from the street. I hear the faint, soothing sounds of traffic. Those sounds that I had gotten so used to. I thought I hated them, but I find a smile creeping across my face. I stand up. Other than the carpet, I can see a chair, a bookshelf, and a door. I walk to the bookshelf. The only book sitting on the shelf has one page and two words. "WHO ARE" . It doesn't seem like any other words were ever in the book. No evidence of tearing-out or erasing or anything. I slip the book into my small messenger bag. The chair is upholstered like my grandmother chose the material. I turn to the door. The round, silver knob sits at my waist level. I turn it and push forward with my hip. The next room exits out into a field, unlike any place in this city. The quiet rumble of tires against asphalt has vanished. I got the feeling like I should be uncomfortable or surprised, I'm not. My hair and clothes fell to the mercy of the fresh breeze. They hit against my skin again and again. I hated it, so I stripped. Naked, I strode across the prarie. A single tree stood in between the light green grasses. I climbed the tree, collecting a number of scratches on my bare skin. At the top of the tree, I could see all of mankind. I couldn't think of any other way to explain it. The tortured, constantly shifting faces of humanity refuse to glance at me. I got bored, so I climbed down the tree. As I did, I fell to the ground limply. As soon as my body hit the grasses it began to sink in. I could feel each strand of flora envelop my skin. A great pressure from above pushed on me. My eyes opened, and I realized that I truly couldn't describe what lay in front of me.

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