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South Carolina statistics:

Total responses: 2460 (0.61% of all responses, 0.66% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 60 (2.44% of all South Carolina responses, 0.04% of all pop responses)
soda: 880 (35.77% of all South Carolina responses, 0.54% of all soda responses)
coke: 1283 (52.15% of all South Carolina responses, 2.19% of all coke responses)
other: 237 (9.63% of all South Carolina responses, 1.12% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

88soft drink
7soda pop
2cold drink
2a drink
2soft drink or specific brand name
2I call them by name (Dr. Pepper is Dr. Pepper, etc...) "Drink" would be the general term...
2diabetes in a can
1brand name (e.g., coke/pepsi) - I never use a generic term
1Grew up with 'Coke,' but now call it 'Soda' after being marrined to a NYker
1Nobody I know uses a generic term. We all say the specific brand name. Only rednecks call all soft drinks "Coke." )
1canned drink
1Carbonated liquid refreshment
1specific name of beverage, ie diet coke, sprite etc.
1In my neck of the woods only "african-americans" use the term "soda."
1soda-pop or by brand name. First heard the term "soda" for "coke" was in 1968 from a guy that was from Brooklyn,NY. At the time, we were at the same college.I use mostly soda for the generic "coke & 7-up" brands,unless I'm ordering somewhere.
1cold drink (It's southern and even older than calling everything a Coke)
1whatever I am drinking at the time
1pepsi (say what you want!)
1co-cola (for coca-cola)
1I've always specfied the name of the drink when ordering. During everyday conversation I call it "soda".
1sweet tea, damnit
1Cold Dope
1Either Coke or Soda
1something that is not solid
1The name of the drink itself as in "Sprite/Coke/Pepsi, 7-up"
1"A soft drink" or "something to drink"
1Alright all you damn yankees i am from the south and ill tell ya that everyone i know calls it soda. in fact the only person ive met that calls it pop is from oklahoma, so you see 'pop' is just a midwestern desise that has invaded my fine region and i refuse to have this cancer further blamed on the good people of the south.
1 "cold drink"
1pop unless it's off brand then I say Laura Lynn
1No, no .... ppl who pop or soda are pantywaists. It's all COKE. Just what kind of COKE can I get you?)
1drank. It's all dranks. Yankees mess up our words.
1mount dew
1What ever the drink is called
1By Name
1diabetes water
1Tarzan Slam
1name of the specific drink
1belly wash
1I've lived in south Carolina my whole life and I have NEVER heard someone call a Sprite "Coke" Sprite isn't Coke. You rarely hear "pop", occasionally hear "Soda", sometimes hear "Soda-Pop" frequently hear "Soft Drink", but most often the drink is called by actual name. My dad did sometimes call it "A Dope" though.
1we are in the south SWEET TEA is all we drink
1Uncle Meatball's Wonder Tonic with a free swizzle stick for my Ultimate Bromance Lover Brad now drink it Fruity Pants
1Carbonated drink
1Carbonated beverage
1carbonated candy water
1Soda water

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