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Oklahoma statistics:

Total responses: 4016 (1.00% of all responses, 1.07% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 1687 (42.01% of all Oklahoma responses, 1.07% of all pop responses)
soda: 692 (17.23% of all Oklahoma responses, 0.42% of all soda responses)
coke: 1486 (37.00% of all Oklahoma responses, 2.54% of all coke responses)
other: 151 (3.76% of all Oklahoma responses, 0.71% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

54soda pop
16soft drink
8U mad bro
2Anything goes. Pop, soda, coke, soda pop, soft drink...
2cold drink
2Soda water
1We used all three interchangeably
1here, we use POP and SODA and COKE!
1I normally use Coke, but if I go through the Drive-Thru, I use pop
1dirty water
1carbonated beverage
1what it is like Sprite
1Something to drink
1what ever i am buying example if i want a sprite i say sprite if i want a coke i say coke
1brand name of i am drinking at that time.
1brand name of product
1the name of the drink
1Soda-(or sodie) pop
1any of the above
1Tit Water
1bubble water, underage whiskey, overpriced
1sodie pop
1jolt cola
1Soda pop, pronounced as a single word despite the way it's written.
1i hate drinking i am a alien from the future to suck the brains out of your "so called private area".BUT I WOULD CHOUSE SPRITE
1CS Sprite
1I once drank a lot of carbonated beverage, then I burped so loud that a filling came out and I accidentally swallowed it and that hurt a lot. Now what was your question? Something about beer or something? Beer is pretty good I guess.
1sodapop (my relatives from Arkansas said "sody-pop")
1dr pepper
1I've gone through stages, mostly depending on where I lived, where I have called it different things. Among the generic names I have used are, Pop - Anchorage Alaska, Soda - Southern California, and Coke - Norman Oklahoma
1Cola flavored beverage
1icy cold beverage
1(Yes I am more worldly now, but AS A KID in central Oklahoma in the 60s, "soda" was the white stuff your mom put into cakes to make them rise, dummies! "Pop" was a fruit drink only, like grape pop or orange pop. "Coke" was the generic for soft drink, yes-- but of COURSE you didn't use it to be an idiot--you used it as a COLLECTIVE noun for a group, as in, “Hey, you wanna get a coke?" Also, as a teenager and new dater, you could ask a girl if she wanted to go on a COKE DATE--meaning, to the local drive-in or hamburger stand in broad daylight (usually) or at least in public, so a) don't expect too much on cost, and b) you can trust there's a lot of public and witnesses, so it'll be low-key. Great for younger teens and first dates. (Who ever heard of a “pop date”? (Later on, that would sound like you’re doin’ pills!) And re the metal left overs? “There's a pile a' coke cans over here.” Again you BAKE with soda, and POP was what the kids on TV from NY or LA said, so you knew it was obviously a fakey TV show.
132 ouncer
1Uncle Meatball's Wonder Tonic with a free swizzle stick for my Ultimate Bromance Lover Brad now drink it Fruity Pants
1pop and coke
1Go Go Juice
1sodapop (one word like "tunafish")
1Pepsi, sprite. Dr.Pepper etc..
1Pop is what you drink at home. You get a Coke when you go out.

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