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New Hampshire statistics:

Total responses: 1735 (0.43% of all responses, 0.46% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 18 (1.04% of all New Hampshire responses, 0.01% of all pop responses)
soda: 1428 (82.31% of all New Hampshire responses, 0.87% of all soda responses)
coke: 34 (1.96% of all New Hampshire responses, 0.06% of all coke responses)
other: 255 (14.70% of all New Hampshire responses, 1.21% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

12Happy Birthday, Tom Brady! GO PATS!!!
3soft drink
1tonic growing up/soda now
1Tonic, which is definitely a Boston Thing. Anyone anywhere else in NE who says Tonic is a Boston Transplant! Not a native to their area!
1oh for the love of GOD! you people who are typing really long answers for this seriously need to get a life! i have a life but i am only 12 years old and you can't possibly expect my life to be that busy!!! i have always called it soda. Pop sounds like something from a super-cheezy movie, frum like way before i (and probably even my parents) were born!! If you say Coke in NH people will 1) give you a really funny look or 2) Give you a Coke-a-cola reagardless of what you want. Also Soda-Pop is the name of Ponyboy'z brother in The Outsiders (written by H E HInton) therefore Sodapop is not a carbonated beverage, but a name you southern adn penslvanian idiots! Na na na na na na! Soda is so right!
1Dude, i am twelve years old, practically a teen,and i have never in my life, untill i read this survey, heard it called Coke, unless you were referring to Coke-a-cola, everyone around here calls it soda, dude if you call it pop on the coast of new hampshire, people think youre like some messed up robot from the 50's. It is soda, or like my mom (a new yorker) called it when she was a kid, Soder. Maby soda pop, but never pop or soda. duh!
1to all you people stupid enough to use this "other" soft drink section as a chat room GET A LIFE!!! honestly this is where you fill out the word you have always used to refer to soft drinks! Gawd! NEways, the word is sodie-pop and anyone who disagrees can answer to my many many MANY friends enrolled in Karate or tae kwon do. so HA.
1tarzan slam
1TONIC !!!
1Ron Paul
1Large Farva
1tonic (*not* tonic water, just tonic)

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