Pop vs. Soda Statistics

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North Dakota statistics:

Total responses: 1429 (0.36% of all responses, 0.38% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 1136 (79.50% of all North Dakota responses, 0.72% of all pop responses)
soda: 253 (17.70% of all North Dakota responses, 0.15% of all soda responses)
coke: 15 (1.05% of all North Dakota responses, 0.03% of all coke responses)
other: 25 (1.75% of all North Dakota responses, 0.12% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

2Fart Water
2cooky puss
2Soft Drink
2Soda Pop
1pop under age 5 soda after age 5
1Morgan Coke
1I grew up in the midwest saying pop, but moved to the east coast and quickly learned saying "pop" would get you many stares. I switched to saying soda. I have moved back to the midwest and even thogh saying soda get funny looks here, I can not go back to pop. I just sounds strange. Once you go soda, you never go back
1tarzan slam
1Samuel Alito is going to be confirmed as supreme court justice
1Sodi Pop
1Hi am am andrew dunbar and i love guys. do u? if u do call me at 499-6969. I want u bad. Will u ever let me ram my steel rod up your ass. Please i want u unbless u are a girl then i hate you but if u are a guy. then call me. i am a virgin but i want to get ass raped soon.
1Lukah Wesloh
1flavored water carbonated beverage

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