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Missouri statistics:

Total responses: 9452 (2.35% of all responses, 2.52% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 1948 (20.61% of all Missouri responses, 1.24% of all pop responses)
soda: 6733 (71.23% of all Missouri responses, 4.10% of all soda responses)
coke: 541 (5.72% of all Missouri responses, 0.92% of all coke responses)
other: 230 (2.43% of all Missouri responses, 1.09% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

82soda pop
9Soft Drink
3sody pop
2Its intresting that so many people have said that they started calling it pop then when they moved too an area of larger population changed to soda. I suspect that this is because most people realise how stupid pop sounds (stupid in that country - uneducated sort of sense). The other thing that I realised looking at these responces is that a lot of people who call it pop felt compeled to write something justifying it here. I suspect this is because even they realise how stupid it sounds.
2black cherry
2soda pop/I enjoyed reading the responses to Other. I might take your credentials as a scholar more seriously if you learn how to spell 'respondent' without an 'a'.
1fizzly wizz
1cold drink
1carbonated beverage
1soda pop mom called it pop (NE Mo) Dad called soda (w illinois)
1I used sodie pop as a young person, as I grew older I used only soda. Pop is another name for Dad in my family so that would be too confusing. Drinks are with alcohol in them. If I ever use a brand name is would Pepsi, baby!
1soda/ explanation
1my name is dan butler and i call it pop or sodie pop no exceptions
1Soda-Pop when I was little, Soda when I got older, and Pop when I moved to Michigan. Of course my favorite after school treat was a Vanilla Phosphate from the Soda fountain, and I am only 55.
1Cokey -
1Carmel Colored cola beverage
1When I lived in Missouri I said Coke, when I lived in Oklahoma I said PoP, now that I live in Connecticut I say Soda. This is a lot like the bag vs. sack controversy. I can never remember if I brought my Coke, Soda, or Pop home in a bag or sack!!
1I say all three, "coke, soda, and pop." My dad is in the military and I grew up all over the country/world. I have grown accustomed to saying what people around me say...like I am learning a language and respecting culture. When I go home to KC, I say pop, but when I am in school in CNY, I say soda. If I ever end up back down south again, I probably will say coke.
1The name of the drink
1Kelly Jacobs
1Missouri is so stupid, the deeper south you get the more the average IQ drops
1soft drink, both, anything...no preference
1the only time i use pop is when i pop a cap in someones ass for calling it pop....its soda
1from St. Louis area, everyone there calls it SODA soda soda soda soda soda soda soda soda ....or Moxie!
1sodie or sodie pop
1too bad missouri is not even part of the south. I don't think anyone from missouri would disagree we are definately in the MIDWEST!!! whoever said missouri is stupid needs to get a brain because obviously they do not know what they are talking about. we call it soda plain and simple!
1I ask my daughters to get me a soda but in a restaraunt I order by product name (Pepsi, Coke, 7Up, etc.)
1After attending a recent Nascar race...well let me try to summarize it for you. I do believe it is lack of education as to the different names. When people spend money on tickets and beer and their favorite driver souviniers instead of putting food on the table or maybe fixing the car that barely got them there or even some decent clothes perhaps...because apparently they own any shirts down there..down there being Tennesee..or apparently don't have any dentists to speak of or at least not any good ones. Oh and that is not to mention the Bail money because they go so drunk and got arrested and had to pay a fine.....anyway you get the point. Apparently we also have different language down there that I have not quite heard and I do believe that this is where the confusion all started. They were visiting one of the other states that actually do use the proper word "Soda" as stated on the can and they asked for something that no one could understand and so people just started making up their own words to adapt to these non educated people. Take a ride on a bus with some drunk people from there and see if you can under stand them....you will just let them say what they want and then continue to use the proper word "SODA" and then define which brand name from there. Glad that I could help give some insight.
1tarzan slam
1I love how the person who said that "pop" sounded uneducated cannot spell "realized" or "responses" correctly...chalk one up for the “educated” soda people!! Nice one!
1Monkey Pee, that is what a former boss of mine called it.
1Fizzy Dizzy
1soda or pop
1Jesus Juice
1Believe me when I tell you I didn't want to kill her. I just became so enraptured and caught up in the heat of the moment that I lost all my inhibitions and allowed sensations of rapturous abandon overwhelm me. The ecstasy I felt as I wrapped my fingers around her pulsing throat and proceeded to strangle the breath out of her was downright orgasmic, and her muffled cries for mercy only heightened the sensation. Honestly, if I could do it over I wouldn't change a thing. You can't go through life living with regrets. It's not that I harbored any ill will towards her or necessarily wanted her dead, it's just that I derived more pleasure from killing her than not.
1man oh man i call it soda but if you call it pop thats ay ok with me if your drinking it and paying for it then its yours and if its yours then you can name it and missouri is midwest but close to the south especially the boothill we are more southern than some southerners all i gotta say is i l ove soda and darn tootin im a rebel
1Soda, even if people look at you funny in KC, it's still soda. p
1pop if it's in a can -- Coke if it's in a glass with ice
1turd water
1Uncle Meatball's Wonder Tonic with a free swizzle stick for my Ultimate Bromance Lover Brad now drink it Fruity Pants
1B==D~~(~. Y . )
1name of it
1Soda, but that's short for sody pop
1stephanie vigdal is a whore
1Troll pee
1Shoot unarmed darkies
1The specific name of the drink

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