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Massachusetts statistics:

Total responses: 8112 (2.02% of all responses, 2.17% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 115 (1.42% of all Massachusetts responses, 0.07% of all pop responses)
soda: 5874 (72.41% of all Massachusetts responses, 3.58% of all soda responses)
coke: 240 (2.96% of all Massachusetts responses, 0.41% of all coke responses)
other: 1883 (23.21% of all Massachusetts responses, 8.92% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

17soft drink
9Soda Pop
4Fizzy drink
3Tubgirl Juice
2tarzan slam
1My mother says 'tonic'
1If you think about it, there is no difference between 'Soda' and 'Pop' for the full name if Soda is 'Soda-Pop'!!
1bottle of tonic...since the advent of television this is being replaced by pop and soda
1sodie pops
1Code fuel (REAL programmers only drink caffiene)
1Tonic. Some of my friends have taught themselves to say "soda" instead, because they think they should talk like everyone else in the country.
1tonic (growing-up)/soda (currently)
1tonic (pronounced either Tah-nik or with a very nasal Twon-ik
1Tonic (Until I went to college and was looked at funny. Then, soda.
1TONIC! of course
1Diet brand name
1Tonic (tawnik)
1tonic , sodapop
1when I lived in MA while I was growing up it was tonic, as that is what my parents called it. as I got older, I called it soda most of the time. moved here to KY and have been here for two years. I call it pop now, as I got too many strange looks when calling it soda. have only heard it called soda once in two years here (by the way, i've only heard it called Coke a couple of times)
1bad stuff, bad stuff indeed
1Really, you people need to get a life! Who gives a damn whether to call it soda or pop? Just call it SODA POP
1fizzy water
1Hey Ma, any tonic left?
1delicious carbonated beverage
1I call it mini-me
1carbonated beverage item, grew up in WI saying POP, went to college in Iowa SODA, moved to Boston TONIC, so I give up, carbonated beverage item works for me now.
1tonic, as in "I'll have an ahringe tawnik
1I grew up calling is "SODA", but my parents always referred to it as "TONIC"! I think it's a generational thing, what you call a carbonated beverage. Regardless, noone ever called it "POP" where I am from, EVER!!! A "POP" was either a popsicle (frozen confection) or a lollypop (candy pop)!!!
1Tonic. The reference comes from the days when these drinks were dispensed only at soda fountains in drug stores and were medicinal tonics Coca-Cola had cocaine in it (hence the name) when it was first introduced
1tonic- people who say pop aren't cooler, they just can't spell tonic.
1tonic aka tawnic - when using this word in the presence of someone that is not from Mass. I'm usually asked "you mean hair tonic??")
1tonic as a child, but now i say soda.
1Tonic (its a new engalnd thing)
1Mountain Dew
1For those of you who think that Coke was first, know that Dr Pepper was came before Coke. So anyone who refers to it as "Coke" because it was supposedly first (like Xerox, Kleenex, etc.) should now call it "Dr Pepper".
1tonic (tawnic - Boston Accent)
1Ejaculate YUMMY NUMS
1I am 58 years of age, grew up in the greater Boston area, and have taught English. The term "tonic" is the original term for carbonated beverages, as these substances were originally intended for medicinal use. The first such widely-marketed product, Dr. Pepper, has that name in an effort to emphasize its health-giving properties. "Tonics" are given in an effort to maintain and/or restore good health, demonstrating that deceptive marketing has been with us since at least the 19th century.
1Yo, that tubgirl juice thing is a damn riot!!!!
1Specific name
1soft drink/tonic
1While I already submitted that I say soda, I would like to point out how cool it is that many people in my hometown still say "tonic" to refer to carbonated soft drinks of any variety.
1Jay Meers drinks tubgirl juice and has the HIV
1tonic (pron. tawn-ik if you are from Boston and points south and a nasal too-awn-ik for points north of the Mystic River)
1pop-pop fizz-fizz oh what a relief it is...oh wait, that's alkaseltzer.
1its Tonic in Boston
1tonic (tawnick)
1Tonic.!! I grew up calling it tonic, but as I got older more and more people were using the word soda, so that's what I have used for most of my unusual life. And for the rest of you,,,,,soda-pop is redundent, as in dumb.
1tonic (which is not to be confused with tonic water!)
1its SODA. you dont call things by their sounds, and pop is not short for phospate, sorry but that theory is just retarded
1tonic (now say pepsi)
1diet whatever
1tonic, traditionally, but now trending toward soda, regrettably
1can fizz
1can piss
1carbonated sugar water
1artificailly flavored sugared carbonated new aged generation of what used to be caffinated pop
1Crack water
1grew up saying tonic, now say soda
1I call it by it's name brand
1energy drink
1Tonic. Why didn't Charlie's wife just give him one more nickel?
1david lawlor
1bubbly stuff
1I use soda today, but growing up in the Boston area in the 60s and 70s we called it "Tonic".
1Ginger Ale

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