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Kansas statistics:

Total responses: 4489 (1.12% of all responses, 1.20% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 2960 (65.94% of all Kansas responses, 1.88% of all pop responses)
soda: 934 (20.81% of all Kansas responses, 0.57% of all soda responses)
coke: 342 (7.62% of all Kansas responses, 0.58% of all coke responses)
other: 253 (5.64% of all Kansas responses, 1.20% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

55soda pop
14soft drink
5Tyler Cook huffs choad
4Large Farva
2bubble water
2bubblie is wht I called a soft drink
2Grant M. loves Sydnee H.
2Diabetes in a can.
1fizzy juice tickler
1Name of Product ie Cola, Orange, etc.
1Tyler Cook rules Kansas!
1Sody Pop
1Sodey Pop
1Carbonated Beverage
1makes my pants go snazzy
1fizzy water
1The actual name of the product
1a refernce to fellatio
1 ¤Pop vs. Soda...the new politics...why doesn't somebody send this in to Fox News or soemthing...good friekin gosh! The fact of the matter is-we all develop our own ways to say everything...not just pop or soda or coke or whatever! I think some or you people are taking this way out of proportion! All you really have to do is sya what you sall it and not be a smart ass about it. Anyways...this "carbonated beverage" isn't even good for you! I personally don't drink it...caffiene is adictive and if all you guys have so much time to waste complaining about what other people call things then maybe you should look up the terrible effects of what this drink can do to your body! but i've wasted enough of my time...later!~happy 15th to me in 11 days! ¤
1Tubgirl Juice
1When I was a little boy back in the great depression, we didn’t have sowdy pop we only had seltzer water, but there was no general store so I ask my poppy, “poppy? How come we don’t have any general stores so I can get a seltzer water?” my poppy said “Shut up and make me a sand witch!” Then I went to my shack and cried with the coons. And they keeped me company and we would dance. then the big one would eat my squirrel meat and hit me in the leg and I would cry. So I hid my squirrel meat from him and then that’s when I discovered the magic of moonshine and I would drink it with my coon friends. And so now I drink it and I calls it magical coon friend moonshine.
1Tasty Beverage
1both pop and soda
1Blue Valley Rocks!
1It's pop. It comes from "soda pop". Pop is the noun, soda is an adjective that describes pop. Things are properly referred to by the noun, not the adjective. You say "tissue" for facial tissue, not "facial". If you ask for a facial, in some places you're going to get popped in the nose. "Pop" is the noun. "Soda" is the adjective. "Pop" is the correct term. End of discussion.
1Blue Valley does not rock
1Grandpa's Senility Juice
1Productivity Juice
1Fatty Bacon Run-off
1caffeinated beverage
1If it's from a can or bottle I call it "pop." If it's from a machine I call it "soda."
1As a young farm girl, I called it Coke which was VERY confusing for servers. I'd order an Orange or Grape Coke, and remember them asking, "Do you want ORANGE or COKE?" I'd answer, "An ORANGE COKE." We moved to town when I was 10, and I started calling it Pop. Upon moving to Eastern Kansas as an adult, and seeing my sister (a Central Missouri resident for 30+ years), I started calling it Soda. I either use that or the brand name now (Mello Yello, Mountain Dew, Vanilla Coke).
1Grant M. loves Sydnee H
1I call it whatever is socially acceptable to the people I'm around.Which is usually pop.
1what do you want to drink
1Kansas Gayhawks are the worst college team ever!!
1sody pap
1fizzy drink
1Pop and soda interchangeably.
1Drink treat
1Unicorn Blood

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