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Iowa statistics:

Total responses: 7762 (1.93% of all responses, 2.07% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 6295 (81.10% of all Iowa responses, 3.99% of all pop responses)
soda: 1227 (15.81% of all Iowa responses, 0.75% of all soda responses)
coke: 67 (0.86% of all Iowa responses, 0.11% of all coke responses)
other: 173 (2.23% of all Iowa responses, 0.82% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

32soda pop
6soft drink
5stephanie vigdal is a whore
4Large Farva
3Carbonated Beverage
3Can o' Life Juice
2 I grew up saying pop, but switched to saying soda when I was a waitress. I felt that soda had a much softer sound to it. Pop is short and abrupt. During college many of my mid-west friends teased me because I said soda. I just moved to Virginia this past year and I fit in well saying soda.
2why'd you take our soda slut off?
2Hello Quad Cities
2Carrie Bishop is hot.
2Sodie Pop
2Kyle McBride for Dike is really Cool and if anyone from Dike see this, please tell me!
2I think I used to say "soda", but "pop" seems to be easier, y'know?
1actual name of whatever I am looking for, otherwise pop.
1Pop or Soda, no difference.
1Pop or Soda
1I can't believe I got you to look here...I thought I was bored.....
1carbonated soft drink
1fizzy ass gravy
1how 'bout a Fresca
1Hey Quad Cities
1i miss you CR! from va
1peiople who say pop are cool
1people who say pop are cool
1liter of cola
1Mountain Dew
1Jordan eats butt-hole
1Fizzy Drink
1I am from Iowa and here we call it pop, so whoever said they went to college in Iowa and had to call it soda must have been hanging out at the bingo parlors with the 80 year olds or something. Also, I appluad the Midwesterner that wants to start the lunch vs. dinner vs. supper debate. Personally, I use lunch for the noon meal and supper for the evening meal, because dinner sounds formal. However, if I'm going out for a formal evening meal I call it dinner. To the person from Pittsburgh that wants the POP Surge, it is available here, or at least was.
1to the person who said only 80 year olds say soda in iowa- if you check out the county map, you will see that johnson county iowa, or where the University of Iowa is, calls it soda, this is because of the mix of cultures and backgrounds there. I, for one, always called is pop until I went to college last year, now I say soda all the time, because many of my friends from onther states call it that, so no you do not have to play bingo in iowa to call soft drinks soda.
1Excuse me, but I grew up in Johnson County, Iowa and have very rarely ever heard it called "soda." So I don't know what this idiot is talking about. It's pop. And a good 90% of UI students call it that.
1Jesus Juice
1Jesus Blood
1Crunk Juize
1I ask for it by brand name.
1I think everyone knows in Iowa the only reason to drink pop is if it has alcohol in it.
1boisson gaseuse
1U2 sucks
1i live in johnson county and I have never heard it referred to as soda or coke. It's pop, people. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
1Nikki Rules
1Michael Jackson Juice
1Dillon Miller is gay and says soda and its POP not soda. God you guys are soo gay and stupid.
1either Pop or Soda
1bubble water
1There's a reason they don't call it "cream pop" it's because it's soda
1if michael jackson took a dump or was impregnated with the baby coming out of his anus, the resulting product would be better looking and have fewer STDs than stephanie vigdal
1stephanie vigdal is not only a whore, but practices beastiality with skunks, lemurs, and several species of small rodents. in addition to this, stephanie vigdal plays host to over 30 sexually transmitted diseases, several of which are unique to her/it.
1charles vigdal, while not a whore, also practices beastiality. he is also a pedorast, although his pedophilia is limited to little boys and does not extend to young animals
1Tyler Cook huffs choad
1Man Juice
1charles vigdal huffs choad
1charles vigdal eats p00p
1charles vigdal wets the bed
1everything on this page that has been said about stephanie vigdal is FALSE. everything on this page that has been said about charles vigdal, however, is pure, unfiltered TRUTH.
1Wake-up Juice
1both pop and soda
1usualy pop but often i'll say cola for darker drink and soda for sprite, mellow yello, mountain dew, or things like that
1who is stephanie?
1I'm a stupid retard
1Diet Dr. Pepper
1Tarzan Slam
1soda or pop depending on where it is from
1sody pop
1soda, pop, cola or soda-pop
1snake oil
1I use both pop and soda sometimes soda pop.
1soft drink (as opposed to hard drink. We are in moonshine territory of TN, lol)
1toilet pastery

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