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Connecticut statistics:

Total responses: 4560 (1.14% of all responses, 1.22% of all U.S. responses)
pop: 70 (1.54% of all Connecticut responses, 0.04% of all pop responses)
soda: 4273 (93.71% of all Connecticut responses, 2.60% of all soda responses)
coke: 102 (2.24% of all Connecticut responses, 0.17% of all coke responses)
other: 115 (2.52% of all Connecticut responses, 0.54% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

4soft drink
3soda pop
2dear soda drinkers of America, Canada and everywher else (yes I said SODA drinkers), heres whats up. it is called SODA, S-O-D-A, got it? pop is a nickname for your dad, a type of stupid music and what popcorn does. it is NOT the wonderfully sweet and fizzy drink that everyone knows and loves. as for coke, i slightly agree becuase if i want a cola-flavored drink i always ask for coke even if they boldly advertize pepsi on the wall, coke is the superior cola brand and should be recognized. as for all other carbonated drinks (i.e- sprite, dr.pepper, root beer, etc.) they are called SODA!, and for that person who gave the explination that pop is short for phosphate, big deal, no one says phospate and they shouldnt say pop. Not to mention in the 50's they had SODA shops, and SODA fountain, and SODA jerks. do any of those things contain the work pop??.... NO! in conclusion, SODA is best, and althought CT may be a small state it kicks ass has a great college b-ball team and we all drink SODA!!!
2ginger ale
2Uncle Meatball's Wonder Tonic with a free swizzle stick for my Ultimate Bromance Lover Brad now drink it Fruity Pants
1what ever is on bottle (i.e. sprite,mist,or name brand)
1Honestly, whatever you call it, soda is still going to rot your teeth. Did you know if you let a tooth soak in Coka-cola it will be gone within a few days? How disgusting!!! It's all a big advertising ploy, it doesn't even taste good!! Now if I want a soda, I will ask for "orange soda," "Sprite," "Grape soda," or whatever kind it actually is. But realistically, I'd prefer water over a soda any day I only order soda at the bar when the bartender gets sick of my requests for "water with lemon" because that's always free. Call it what you want, but next time you enjoy that fizzy feeling in your mouth, think about how your teeth feel and what they're going to look like in ten years and you may think twice about even ordering the junk.
1Brew Doggy
1i call it soda my grandma in pitt calls it soda-pop just to be fair to my other cousins in pitt
1connecticut sucks
1shut up water loving drink nazi, do we come onto your sissy little health forums and whine about how water has no taste? no, so shut it
1sody pop
1tarzan slam
1Corporate Sugar Water
1tonic and then they ask what flavor
1Soda growing up in CT - but spent most of adult life in metro Boston (northwest of city ) and it's tonic
1don arduser juice
1Chickity China of the Chinese chicken You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin' Watchin' X files with no lights on We're dans la maison I hope the smoking man's in this one Like Harrison Ford I'm getting frantic Like Sting I'm Tantric Like snickers guaranteed to satisfy Like Kurasawa I make mad films Okay, I don't make films But if I did they'd have a Samurai Gonna get a set of better clubs Gonna find the kind with tiny nubs Just so my irons aren't always flying off the back swing

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