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British Columbia statistics:

Total responses: 2925 (0.73% of all responses, 17.70% of all Canadian responses)
pop: 2657 (90.84% of all British Columbia responses, 1.69% of all pop responses)
soda: 133 (4.55% of all British Columbia responses, 0.08% of all soda responses)
coke: 50 (1.71% of all British Columbia responses, 0.09% of all coke responses)
other: 85 (2.91% of all British Columbia responses, 0.40% of all other responses)

"other" reponses:

28soft drink
8soda pop
6jew juice
2When I was a kid if you mixed all the POP flavours together we called it a "graveyard". If you ordered that the waitress would understand. My husband is from Ontario and he calls it "swampwater". Neither of us had ever heard the other term.
2Fizzy Drink
1flavoured liquid
1carbonated beverage
1name of product
1my own ass
1Dude the guy above me is crazy...
1Tubgirl Juice
1diet tubgirl juice
1tarzan slam
1you ppl suck
1orly juice
1DNF is gonna 0wn
1When I refer to soft drinks in general, I say 'pop'. However, mainly in cases of peer pressure, I would be comfortable calling it just about anything save for 'coke' or derivations thereof. Coke is a brand, trademarked by the Coca-Cola Company, and I personally don't really like the taste of it (though I'll drink it if no other pop is available). Seems rather idiotic to refer to any brand of pop as one specific brand. (The one exception is if I'm talking about a specific flavour of pop, such as cream or grape soda those sound better with 'soda' then they do with 'pop'. The exception to THIS is that I say 'orange pop'.)
1fancy stuff
1lemon tea
1Tasty Beverage
1when I was about ten, a friend and I constructed a club house in my backyard using lumber stolen from a building site down the street. Our club, which we named 'The Kiss Club' due to a certain band being popular at the time, employed an intensive entry exam in which the applicant had to know all the words to Love Gun and not be a girl. As we had no other friends and knew no girls apart from my sister, this made sense at the time. The next day after school, having managed to recruit several new members by promising laminated membership cards and changing the entry exam to 'knowing the names of the band members', we all rode to my place to participate in our first club meeting only to discover my sister, outraged by the 'no girls' rule and armed with four gallons of paint left over from a recent bedroom redesign, had painted the clubhouse pink and added 'ing' to the end of the word 'Kiss'.

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